Our Approach

Cogent’s utilizes proven market research techniques to deliver unbiased, statistically reliable research analysis resulting in clear actionable information.  Cogent’s  seasoned management team, time tested methodologies and wide ranging industry experience provide clients with a robust solution for maximizing revenue and profitability through customer and employee loyalty and business process optimization.

Driving business performance improvement through customer & employee satisfaction research.

Customer focused organizations consistently outperform companies that are solely driven by innovation or operational efficiencies. By understanding customer needs and expectations and basing decisions on this information theses organizations become market leaders that are more agile, more responsive and more profitable than their competition. Cogent provides you with the customer and employee satisfaction research methodologies and expertise to provide you with the right information at the right time.

Customer Loyalty Drives Profitability

While customer satisfaction is imperative, customer loyalty and reference customers are critical components of business success. Cogent helps companies measure their business performance using the most crucial test of all, the opinions and intentions of their customers. In doing so we help you understand your Customer Value Model so you know how satisfied your customers are and what drives their loyalty. This enables you to identify and address the issues that mean the most to your customers.

Employee Satisfaction is Imperative

There is a demonstrated link between customer and employee satisfaction. As a result if your customers are somewhat satisfied and your employees are very dissatisfied it will be virtually impossible to improve customer satisfaction without addressing employee satisfaction. Cogent utilizes employee satisfaction research to identify and address problem areas within your workforce.

Response Strategy Session Identify Solutions to Critical Business Challenges

Cogent’s response strategy session utilizes a consultative approach that simultaneously leverages our extensive research and business process improvement expertise and your intimate knowledge of your business to identify solutions for the critical business challenges your customers and employees have identified. Not all issues are equal or warrant an action plan. These sessions will help sift through the research results to identify the issues that will yield the highest potential reward. 

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